Homeschool Coach and Tutor

As your homeschool coach, I can support you through the homeschool journey.

If you’re a homeschooling parent you may think that you are doing all of the right things but your child is just not advancing. You may wonder, “Is there something wrong with my kid?”

I have been in your shoes – I know how you feel and I understand the challenges you face. Previously, I homeschooled for 5 years, and I taught in the homeschool community.

Let me be your homeschool resource!

Homeschool Support:

  • Assist in the selection of appropriate curriculum.
  • Support you in your homeschooling journey.
  • Connect you with community resources.

Homeschool Assessments

I administer a WADE assessment, as well as a basic writing assessment, before beginning work with all students. 

Learn more about Assessments

Homeschool Reading Tutor

My lessons are designed to improve your child’s reading skills by focusing on phonetic awareness, decoding, language comprehension and fluency. My one-on-one personal tutoring program is customized to the needs of the child. Your child will work directly with me, a certified dyslexia teacher, who has mastered the Wilson Reading System®.

Wilson Certified Dyslexia Teacher

I am a Wilson Certified Dyslexia Teacher, which means I have successfully completed a comprehensive 18-month training program to teach children with dyslexia to read. The Wilson Language training program is highly regarded and my certification, which requires continuing education for renewal, provides you the assurance that you’re working with a qualified instructor. Learn more about my tutoring qualifications.

Need more information or ready to get started?